From its foundation in 2008, HRS Group has delivered 80 – 100 research assignments each year across Russia, the CIS and other world regions. Our affiliated partners are based in London and New York offices.


Executive Research service is a new business in Russia. Core customers are both corporate clients (general and line directors, leaders and managers of investment and consulting firms and HR directors) and Executive Search agencies.

HRS Group delivers assignments related to human resources market research in Russia, the CIS and around the world.

Our product:

  • provides the organizational structure research of competitors and industries
  • serves as a tool for external talent pool mapping
  • gives specific and general analysis of compensation packages on different levels
  • serves to close the pool of vacancies, or to attract and hire rare specialists (without placement fees)
  • delivers insider information, atmosphere in various companies before sale, reorganization, M&A, etc.
  • provides market research in Russia, the CIS and worldwide


Executive Research

Target List Generation
The opening stage of the research process which sets the stage for further actions. In close collaboration with the client, we define the main selection criteria: key competitors, outside market sector players, research locations, number of production facilities, staff, revenue, etc. This results in the generation of a list of target companies based on said selection criteria.

The objective of this stage is to discover the right talents within the target companies through the use of direct search and specialized techniques. Upon the client’s request, HRS Group reports on the status of this process. The result is a list of professionals relevant to the search profile with information about their background and education, all obtained from open sources, i.e. corporate contacts.

Candidate Approach
In this, the final stage, HRS Group consultants interview priority candidates to find out detailed information regarding their professional background, career expectations, areas of responsibility, etc. The outcome, passed on to the potential employer, is a shortlist of candidates interested in entering into dialogue with said potential employer and a copy of candidate CVs, as well as any other relevant or necessary information (readiness to relocate, financial expectations, etc.).


Using its expertise, HRS Group makes a comprehensive analysis of the management market business segment to meet both the short and long-term needs of their clients, including talent pool mapping. The finished product may include information regarding the organizational structures of key competitors, featuring key roles, management compensation packages, comparative analyses of functional differences and responsibilities, benchmarks and any other necessary information the client requires.

Additional services

Salary surveys

Traditional recruitment

Training for analysts and researchers.



Talent pool mapping view

Vacancies' closure via research view

Management market mapping view

Organizational consulting view

International survey of managers of innovative companies view


Executive Search Industry

In the interest of client confidentiality, we refer only to company locations and ranking. Present only the level of companies and their locations:

  • The Leading Russian Executive Search Boutique (specialized on Board Practice and Non-Executive)
  • Top 5 World Wide Executive Search (Poland, Czech Republic, Austria)
  • Top 10 World Wide Professional Recruitment (London, Moscow, Finland)
  • Top 5 World Wide Executive Search (Moscow)
  • Top 5 World Wide Executive Search (Poland)
  • Top 5 World Wide Executive Search (Moscow)
  • Executive Search Boutique (London)
  • Specialized Recruitment Boutique on Sport (London)
  • Top 10 World Wide Executive Search (Moscow)
  • Top 20 World Wide Professional Recruitment (Moscow)
  • The Leading top 10 Russian Professional Recruitment
  • The Leading top 20 Russian Professional Boutique

Corporate sector:


Pricing is based on a fixed rate of one researcher’s work per day, giving clients control over the process, time and volume, as well as optimizing costs.

Other services. To specify the terms of non-core services call us now!


Victor Khabarov

Victor specializes in different range of industries, including Executive Search and Professional Recruitment market.

With his 10 years of experience within European Executive search, a wide network of senior level contacts, expertise in key issues of building and driving business and capable of solving any research engagements, Victor has successfully taken part in forming the staff of leading International Executive Search companies and delivering best talent, suited to their needs.

Working within a highly competitive environment, he started up and developed new Executive Research business in Russia, forming and building up solid relationships with affiliated partners abroad.

Victor graduated from the M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University (Sociology faculty).

Andrey Chupukov

Having joined HRS Group during the start-up stage, Andrey has taken part in research assignments for international players and local companies from different business areas and world regions.

Using his years of experience in the telecom industry, which provided an insight into the organisation of business processes and leading staff, and building credibility with both clients and candidates, Andrey has successfully fulfilled a wide variety of research assignments, including a number of “hard to fill” roles at top and senior level positions.

Andrey graduated from the Plekhanov Russian Economic University.


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